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Lifestyle Guidance

My own journey of losing weight and getting out of crippling pain from car accidents spurred me on to discover WHAT WORKS best to help others. Losing weight is about making lifestyle changes, one at a time, and a change of your identity to act, think and feel as a thin person. Pain reduction stems from developing correct posture, core strength, flexibility, and curbing inflammation with proper nutrition.     


“Since I've been working with Elissa, my body has gotten stronger, more flexible, and my hips, after two hip replacements, are very well healed. Additionally, she's totally lovable - the more I get to know her, the more I love, appreciate and respect her.  She's encouraging and supportive, and I would definitely recommend her as a fitness coach.”   - K.G., Topanga, CA

Wellness Experience

As body, mind and spirit work together,  I offer life coaching, healing modalities and Raindrop massage with essential oils to help you achieve harmony in all aspects of your life and health. This combined WHAT WORKS approach is the key to overcoming the limitations that keep you stuck and uncovering your true identity as a beautiful, vibrant, healthy and fit human being pursuing your life purpose.


“I have had issues sleeping for many years. Elissa and I did a session re what we thought the source of that anxiety might be. That night, I slept soundly through almost 8 hours. That hasn’t happened in at least 6 months. Since then(6 weeks) I have had some nights better than others, but an appreciable overall improvement. I feel calmer in myself. More like myself. If I wake up, I can soothe myself back into a dream state. Thank you, Elissa for facilitating this improvement in my life!”

                                                                                                                                   -- Patricia Z, L.A. Feldenkrais Practitioner

Active Coaching

As I've been teaching Pilates, Kundalini Yoga, Naam Yoga Therapy and physical fitness since 1998 I've been able to help 100's of clients like you achieve improved fitness, health, looks and longevity. These benefits flow into other areas of life, such as higher self-esteem, harmonious relationships and achieving cherished goals.

"Elissa has been my Pilate's instructor for many years.  She's the first instructor who has effectively worked with me without injury, and yet making me incredibly stronger.  My sense of balance and well being has most certainly improved over this time.  She listens to your needs and responds in kind.  I recommend her most highly."   -- Dr. L. Fox, Hollywood, CA


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